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Mapping FoodWorks Competition

HopeWorks is seeking to enhance and expand its strategic efforts to integrate the delivery of healthy, local foods into their mission to help low-income, Snohomish County residents achieve self-sufficiency. For these efforts to succeed, HopeWorks must understand the market landscape in which its new food-oriented enterprises will serve and compete. Community Attributes Inc. (CAI) is working with HopeWorks to establish a firm understanding of the competitive landscape around the FoodWorks location.

The map below will allow us to collect feedback from HopeWorks and their partners on the existing establishments in the food industry providing similar services to the intended FoodWorks enterprises. This map will also be used to help guide strategy discussions with HopeWorks leadership, and iterative exploration of detailed market data.

What We Need Your Input On

We need your help understanding which businesses are missing from the map. You can also vote on those establishments that you believe should be removed from the list, we will review these recommendations and update the map accordingly.

We are Looking for Comments Related to the Following:

Bulk Production

Restaurants / Café

Catering/ Delivery

Restaurant and Catering/ Delivery

Demo Kitchen

Food Bank

Food Truck



Review the Community Map

Zoom in and pan left, right, up, or down to explore the map. This map shows food establishments locations in Everett from eight different categories (restaurants and cafes, restaurants with catering or delivery, catering and delivery, food trucks, bulk food production, demo kitchen, food bank and other) and comments collected to date. Click on the map icons to explore individual submissions and more information on current establishments.

Is an Establishment Missing?

Select Add Your Own Marker below to submit your comments about any locations that may be missing from the map. Click anywhere on the map to add a marker relating to the establishment you would like to add. Use the drop-down menu in the pop-up box to categorize the establishment in any of the eight categories provided. Be sure to click "submit" when finished!

Should an Establishment be Removed?

Click on any establishment icon on the map that you would like to remove. Click on the Flag for Removal button to flag an establishment for removal.

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